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Vendor Management

Bring the Right Partners in Your Journey  

Vendor Management

ConnectOne is the platform that facilitates collaboration between companies that are in the business association, but it also acts as liaison point between several business networks, all while they have complete transparency on the partnerships and contracts. 


Better Prices


The platform aggregates service requests, which allows members from the association to have increased negotiation power with vendors and secure better prices for their services. The aggregated demand will help to negotiate prices with the service providers and vendors. 


Specialised Talent Pool


Within the discussion forum, ConnectOne allows member businesses to post job openings, which are visible to the other businesses. Businesses can get access to full/part-time skilled employees or temporary resources from service partners and other member businesses.  


Quality Control


Through the feedback tool, ConnectOne ensures that the association only engages with high-quality providers. If one vendor has a low rating and bad reputation, that vendor can be replaced from the network. Members source vendors by their rating and provide reviews for the vendors they worked with, keeping a high standard of quality within the network.




ConnectOne hosts vendors from all business domains in the network. Businesses have instant access to service providers to which they can outsource the tasks they don't want to develop in-house. Businesses find all the vendors they need on the platform and they have access to a single point from where they can outsource their work to the vendors. 


Budget Planning


ConnectOne keeps a database of previous products/services sold, their quality and prices, and provides businesses with estimated quotes. This assists buyers with predicting and planning their future purchases. Information about quality of services/products is available to all businesses in the association. 

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