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Solutions to Collaborate, Plan & Execute


Discussion Forum 

Businesses can easily create partnerships and collaborate through the discussion forum. Whether it's finding new business, sourcing talent within the network or discovering new partners that  will help them deliver a project – the discussion forum is the place that makes everything happen.  


It's critical to always have access to the right equipment for your projects. ConnectOne helps businesses partner with the appropriate providers so that they can move to a smarter, more efficient operating model. This means successful projects at minimum costs/risks associated with the equipment.  


Online Auction

Access to larger and global markets, at competitive pricing, is now available through the auction functionality. The offering of the members within the business association is aggregated and shown available as a unified offering, which can supply a larger demand.  

Vendor Management 

Successful businesses thrive on effective vendor management. Our aim is to provide business associations with a framework that promotes partnership and high-quality providers. Through demand aggregation, businesses have access to better prices from the vendors. Each vendor can be rated and information about previous projects/products is available on the platform. 

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Digital Catalogue 

ConnectOne allows all members within the association to enlist their products and services in the digital catalogue. Items can be sourced by category, compared and real-time communication is supported between members.  Through the digital catalogues, Business networks can collaborate with other business networks globally, extending their reach. 

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