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Online Auction

Streamlined, Transparent, Trustworthy Partnerships 

Auction System

For both buyers and sellers, the electronic auctioning system is a cheaper and more efficient mechanism for communication and negotiation.  Through automation and technology developments, participants have access to real-time market pricing, which allows for savings in the purchasing process. Time is also a resource that is very well managed by the platform, as it shortens purchasing cycles and increases transparency.  The process is streamlined and supports a healthy competitive landscape.


Supply Aggregation for Competitive Bidding


Businesses source the equipment/services needed and contact multiple providers within minutes. With the help of the rating system, businesses choose the best providers to assist with their projects. The bidding process helps local businesses sell at the best price based on wider market demand.


Access to Larger, Global Markets


ConnectOne aggregates the offering of similar businesses, showing them as a unified bulk offering, available to global markets, which can fulfil larger demands.  Businesses reach multiple global markets through the enhancement provided by aggregation, with no extra effort implied.  


Market Intelligence and Minimised Risk


ConnectOne supports businesses with analytics, demand forecast, demand reports, which helps businesses reposition quickly. The insights provided by the platform helps businesses predict and plan ahead. 


Reduced Wastage

Online auctions help producers and sellers to secure their future transactions well in advance to the harvest/production date. This helps buyers and sellers to plan the acquisition/ harvest based on the market demand, rather than the current "harvest and sell" process.  Harvesting based on market demand positively impacts waste management and storage expenses. As studies have found,  30 to 40% of the food is wasted alongside supply chains.  If we can ensure the estimated harvested quantity matches the market demand, this type of production wastage can be significantly reduced.  

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