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10 Reasons why farmers need an online discussion forum

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

On the farm, no one can hear your challenges and ideas. But that's not a problem because there are always more chores to do and things to fix. So, when it comes time for farmers to discuss challenges and new farming techniques, we need an online discussion forum where we can share ideas without distractions!

Farmers are a tough bunch. They work all day in the hot sun, they don't get enough sleep, and they're always on the go. With so many demands on their time, it's hard for them to find out what other farmers are doing, especially if they live in different parts of the country from each other with no easy way to communicate online.

That's precisely why an online discussion forum can help you stay connected and competitive. Read on!

Farmers need an online discussion forum because:

  1. Online discussion forums can allow members to ask questions anonymously or not as required by law.

  2. Communication is less formal than writing a letter.

  3. The Internet makes communication faster.