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We focus on Process Optimisation

We believe in building more collaboration in farming communities. To achieve this goal, we built ConnectOne, a collaboration platform built exclusively for farming communities. This platform can improve collaboration in communities, help them grow and thrive in today’s market. We have been providing solutions to clients from various industries, including Agriculture, hospitality, real estate and solid waste management.

ConnectOne Club platform can solve the problems that farmer groups face when they aggregate their produce and sell it to bigger markets, mainly due to the lack of harvest scheduling and planning tools and limited strategies to aggregate the produce. 

ConnectOne Club platform enables the farmer groups to schedule and plan harvest cycles, aggregate produce and connect with the end buyers to secure a competitive price for their produce. 

ConnectOne platform help farmers collaborate with other farmers on harvest planning and scheduling activities, thus avoiding surplus harvest entering the market. ConnectOne's harvest planning and scheduling tools can prevent food loss at the production level. 

Please reach out to us if your farmer groups need a sophisticated technology platform to aggregate produce and secure a competitive price for produce through advanced auction processes and quality control automations.

Meet The Team

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Vijeesh Sathyanesan

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Vijeesh comes with the passion and vision to build business networks to empower communities.

Subeesh Pic.jpeg

Subeesh Sathyanesan

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Subeesh is a serial entrepreneur with vast experience in managing complex business operations.

Jeni Pic.jpeg

Jeni Jose Mannanal

CFO, Delivery Lead
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Jeni empowers the team with product road map based on market analysis and team velocity.

Ponny Pic.jpeg

Ponny K Baby

Operations Manager
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Ponny is our power house who helps us to connect with the varying customer demands and varying domain requirements.

Arjun Pic.jpeg

Arjun Kaimattathil

Tech Lead
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Arjun is our 'who-knows-all' for all our technical advancements and excellence,

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